Top 3 Reasons I’m Buying RSR – Reserve Rights Token: Undervalued Altcoin GEM

Reserve Rights Protocol is potentially one of the most promising projects in the crypto space and it’s underlying coin Reserve Rights Token (RSR) could have immense potential for growth. Here’s the top three 3 reasons why I’m continuing to invest in RSR and think that it’s an Undervalued GEM: 1. Mission, Utility and Working Product 2. Influencer Support and RSR Rangers 3. Coinbase, Paypal and Investor Support.

Let’s briefly break down each of these areas and I’ll include some details from their 2021 Roadmap at the end. Here is where you can check out Reserve Protocol whitepaper for all the details on how it works.

1. Mission, Utility and Working Product

The first few attributes that I want to know about are project are: 1. does it provide a valuable service?2. does it help people live better lives? 3. does it carry out these goals in a unique way? RSR checks all these boxes. The basic idea is that Reserve Protocol project has two tokens, RSV and RSR. RSV is a stablecoin backed by a basket of stablecoin assets, and RSR is the governance and stabilization mechanism. I’m not going to go into the full details of how the process works here, but feel free to check out this outline on their site.

“1. The centralized phase — where Reserve is backed by a small number of collateral tokens, each of which is a tokenized US dollar.

2. The decentralized phase — where Reserve is backed by a changing basket of assets in a decentralized way, but still stabilized in price with respect to the US dollar.

3.The independent phase — where Reserve is no longer pegged to the US dollar, with the intent of stabilizing its real purchasing power regardless of fluctuations in the value of the dollar.”

The protocol acts a way for individuals throughout the world to access stable currency, which isn’t always available in many places. The basket of stablecoin assets allows for reduced risk in case one of the stablecoins loses it’s peg. They already have a working app that’s being utilized in Venezuela, Argentina and Columbia and Panama. Reserve Protocol also has plans to eventually remove itself from US dollar peg and incorporate other types of collateral in the Reserve Vault, to become completely independent of state run currencies. RSR is the token to own of the two as RSV is a stablecoin and should not vary drastically in price. The below graphic illustrates the Protocol process:


2. Influencer Support and RSR Rangers

Projects can have the best tech and ideas, but if no one knows about them, they can flop into oblivion. Luckily, RSR has massive support from many influencers and the group of cult followers known as the RSR Rangers. The RSR Rangers make sure the RSR remains in the public spotlight continuously on social media and crypto media, in addition to influencers recognizing the promising model and value behind RSR. RSR has received interest from trusted Youtubers such as EllioTrades and CoinBureau among many others. Don’t sell the RSR Rangers short as some have drawn the comparison to the LINK marines.

3. Coinbase, Paypal and Investor Support

Not only does RSR have support from influencers and RSR Rangers, but they also have support from some major institutional investors. Coinbase verntures, of the Coinbase Exchange, is one of the many investors in Reserve Protocol. Coinbase investment has led to Coinbase listings in the past and Coinbase listing has historically caused token prices to skyrocket. Another major investor is Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal. This leads many RSR supporters to the conclusion that there may be a Paypal partnership in the future for Reserve Protocol. Again, this would have massive positive impact on price action and huge increase in user base for Reserve. These are only two of the major partnerships, but feel free to see more here.

Wrap up and Roadmap

These are the top three reasons that I’m continuing to invest in RSR, but there are many more reasons. There have been some comparisons drawn to Maker Dao (MKR), although the projects are different. MKR is a powerful and important project, yet has almost three times the market cap of RSR and doesn’t have the same level of institutional investors.

Reserve Protocol’s Roadmap for 2021 from the Reserve Protocol forum is somewhat vague, but sounds like mainnet could be released this year:

  1. “Continue improving and refining the app and automating all its key processes while in private beta.”
  2. “Once we are confident the app is ready to scale we will start onboarding a lot more people as we continue testing it and releasing further improved versions.”
  3. “Enable on-chain transactions, which will activate the self-custody feature of the app. Although this step isn’t critical for RSV adoption as even if we hold users funds on their behalf these funds will grow along with the total number of users and their savings.”
  4. “Once we see RSV growing at a strong enough pace we will launch mainnet which will finally enable arbitrage and RSR holders will start capturing all of the protocol’s revenue through arbitrage.”

In my opinion, RSR checks all the boxes to continue massive growth as they rollout in the rest of the world and move towards independent peg of the dollar. If Coinbase listing and Paypal partnership materialize, the sky is the limit, but even without those partnerships, it seems that RSR has a strong fundamental future ahead.

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This is my own personal strategy and analysis. Please do your own research.