Trade Smarter, Not Harder

As I enter the murky waters of the Uniswamp, I find myself surrounded by different factions and personalities of traders from diverse communities.

They are more commonly known as:

  • Investors – a person who has worked hard for his money, conducts hours of research into a project and most likely gets rekt due to bad entries or exits into and from the market.
  • Apes – a noisy primate beats his chest to get others to do as he wants and throws his shit at those who oppose him.
  • Pondscum – those who post links to share but provide no analysis or consideration for the harm of others.
  • Swing traders – Those who chase volume and will buy the dips and sell the peaks.

They all share the same goal but behave differently in how they achieve it. All of the characters sift through the Uniswamp searching for the next gem that will grant them their next 100x gain in value.

A good example of tokenomics:

A token with poor tokenomics on launch:

Today I want to share my considerations with the ADAPT community when searching for gems. I have created two templates, one focused on the tokenomics and one focused on the fundamentals tokenomics combined. These are consideration-tools for you to prevent you from entering a trade that will cost your village its food supply over the course of a month. A tool that every ape can beat his chest to and guide his shrewdness.

Red flag indicators
Bench Mark Tools
Supply and Demand
Token Distribution
Uniswap LP
Post Launch – When to sell

Without the above considerations for your investments, it doesn’t matter how amazing your project is. The price does won’t reflect it.

At ADAPT Crypto, we not only know how to identify solid tokenomics for our members but we can also provide advice on a healthy tokenomics structure for your project.