BTC.D - 29 Nov 20

BTC Dominance (BTC.D) is probably one of the most overlooked market indicators. BTC.D is a measure of how much of the total market cap of cryptocurrency is comprised of BTC. It can help you understand the trend of BTC and Alts from a wholelistic approach. At time of writing this BTC currently holds 62.88% of the entire Cryptocurrency market cap. So why am I talking to you about BTC.D?

When entering into a trade, any Alt, this chart should be one of the charts you check before purchasing. It needs to be a habit you create for yourself before entering any alt trade.

It can be used as an indicator to help you enter or exit the alt coin market. For instance, if BTC.D is trending up then generally, alt coins will most probably lose value.

Right now, there is no edge on the market from a marketcap perspective, however BTC.D is sitting on a 200 day MA which is generally a very strong support so I would recommend only short term trades for Alts.

To load it up in explorer:



Gooding AKA Gem Shikari out