Andre Cronje is Building a DeFi Monolith

Darkness can sometimes be the best environment for development, so as nighttime set in and the impending fear of a return to crypto winter looming, the conditions were prime for my thoughts to take flight.

Andre Cronje is building a DeFi monolith and is devouring everything around him to do so.  As detailed in my last blog post, The Cronje Effect, the Yearn ecosystem has already partnered with Hegic, Pickle Finance, CREAM, and just within the past 2 hours, CVP.  So that leaves everyone in the DeFi world wondering…

What is next and how do I ride the hype wave of the Cronje Effect?

I recorded a video last night that our team is currently working on editing, but as crypto information is time sensitive, I wanted to make sure that you all got the alpha as soon as possible.

The Yearn Ecosystem is growing at light speed and needs to devour more liquidity to add to continue growing.  Andre Cronje is hungrier than he’s ever been before…

And SUSHI just might be on the menu.